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Women of the Gate
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Women of the Gate

A Community to celebrate ladies of Stargate.

Fanart: All fanart related to Stargate female characters across all series is welcome to be posted as a link, or as an entry behind a LJ cut. Fanart includes all fanfiction, vids, pictures/icons/wallpapers/banners, podfic, etc. Header information should include: author/artist, title, rating, content warnings if any (please be generous and give appropriate warnings for trigger-y issues such as assault, violence, etc), pairings if any (slash and het is allowed although we encourage gen). Recommendations for fanart are very welcome. Alternate Universes-timelines/Crossovers involving Stargate shows are allowed. Crossovers with non-Stargate shows are now allowed so long as the Stargate character is the focus. Note: the focus character(s) of the fanart should be a female character(s) within Stargate.

Non-WOTG Challenges: Shout-outs/Links to other fandom challenges are allowed if they are (a) related to Stargate or sci-fi and (b) will enable a female focus. So, for example, a Sam Alphabet Soup would be fine as it is Stargate and female character focused; the Sci-fi Big Bang is fine since it's a general challenge and a community member could choose to sign-up and write an epic Stargate Women Save the Universe fic (please someone do that!).

WOTG Challenges: The mod (or mod volunteer) will set a challenge every month. No sign-up is required. Anyone can participate or not participate as they wish. The aim of the monthly challenges is simply to prompt ideas for fanart. Any fanart posted for a challenge should pick up on the tag for that challenge. You can post any 2013 challenge at any time during 2013.

In memorium: for Deejay who founded the community.