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Stargate's Original Leading Lady

To kick off rachel500's 11 in 11 Challenge, I hereby present my first entry: Links to meta and fic about Stargate's Original Leading Lady!

As in, Sha'uri. Or Sha're, of you prefer. :)

Before there was SG-1, there was Stargate the Movie, which included a love interest who was heroine first and damsel-in-distress as a very distant second. And despite what a superficial look at Sha're in the series might suggest, she was a lot more than a quest object and Daniel's adoring wife! Here's a look at some meta and links to several fics that highlight the intelligence and defiance of the woman who rescued Jack and Daniel and spurred on the rebellion against the Supreme System Lord of the Goa'uld.

In the meta department, I wrote two essays several years ago about Sha'uri in the movie and Sha're in the series, highlighting her strengths and her courage.

I'm very picky about Sha're fics because of the unfortunate tendency of many authors to either make her too passive or make her too Westernized. I also did not include stories that focused more on married Daniel than the woman he'd wed. With those caveats, here are some links to my favorites. All are rated PG-13 or lower by their authors.

One Dimension Removed, by [info]tafkarfanfic. Sha're front, right, and center, as Amaunet takes Daniel to be host to Apophis and Sha're joins SG-1. Fabulous beyond belief. References to Daniel/Sha're, and superb Sam and Sha're interaction and Sam-Janet-Sha're friendship.

Determination and Determination: Practicality by Beatrice Otter. These begin with the same premise - a Sha're in the SGC, because Daniel has been taken - but these two short stories focus on Sha're struggling to understand the SGC in the context of her own cultural upbringing, and feeling her way towards securing a place where she can fight for Daniel's rescue. The second fic, a confrontation between Sha're and Teal'c, is the perfect example of portraying a strong woman from a non-Western culture and getting it right.

[personal profile] sixbeforelunch is one of my favorite Sha're authors. Try her i would be a fool for you (if you asked me to) and Five ways Sha're helped Daniel integrate into life on Abydos, without him realizing it for life on Abydos; Best Laid Plans is a delightful AU in which Sha're smacks Vala down, hard. There's also her Untitled Abydos snippet, a post-FIAD piece which is a tribute to her legacy.

Rigel wrote That Inverted Bowl We Call the Sky - lovely Sha'uri voice on Abydos.

Lady Starrkaat's Wait is a great stream-of-consciousness for her after she's taken by Amaunet.

Three fantastic fics in which Sha're is alive in S6 when Daniel isn't: Not Just a Footnote by Lady Starrkaat, the awesome (I mean it!) Scotoma by Rydra Wong, and Whispers of the Gods by Isabeau, the remix thereof.

Abyssis also has a great Sha'uri/Sha're voice. Her Substance Clad in Shadow is Sha'uri giving Jack an anchor after the events of the movie with a poignant coda post-FIAD. For I Have Seen the Storm and The Promises We Keep are two separate ficlets - one an AU with Jacob, one a missing scene from Secrets.

If I Could Go On Sleeping is fantastic and ouchy: Sha're as part of Meridian. The last line breaks my heart every time.

And don't forget the classic Eurydice Ascending, in which Sha're survives FIAD and ends up fighting Amaunet in the Labyrinth on Cimmeria! Includes SGC solidarity and Sam and Daniel friendship for good measure.

Finally, here are links to my own Sha're fics, excluding the one that focuses more on Daniel than Sha're:

Read Between the Lines and Line in the Sand are companion fics that tell the story of Sha'uri's discovery of the forbidden heiroglyphs in the catacombs and her first steps on the road to rebellion. Both are PG.

Grounded. A tag for the final scene of Stargate: the Movie: Daniel and Sha'uri are both a little lost, but they'll find a straight path together. G-rated Daniel/Sha're.

Breathless. Four times Sha're caught her breath, and one time she didn't. Mostly gen, with some G-rated Daniel/Sha're.

And in the AU department, there's my fic from last month's ficathon right here on the comm: Pawns' Promotion. The NID think Sam and Sha're would make fine experimental subjects. Sam and Sha're have other ideas. Rated PG, and written mostly so I could have Sha're make that speech at the end of the story. :)

I'll also include A Matter of Preference, although it's more Amaunet's perspective than Sha're's. G, with angst meter on high.
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