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Sign-Up for the Women of the Gate Ficathon and Art Challenge Here

We are now open for sign-ups. 

Posting will begin on Jan 7th 2011 and continue through to the end of January so hopefully you will have plenty of time!

Please read the rules before signing up.  You can choose more than one prompt and a prompt that is already taken if you really can't find another you'd like.  Sign-up by leaving a comment to this post.

Prompts are ordered by Fic and Art and then Art Specific.  They are ordered then by character in alphabetical order and where there are two or more characters, the first character determines placement.  Prompts in blue indicate they have been selected at least once.

Fic & Art
Adria & Vala.  Let's have some mother/daughter bonding.  Gen.

Amanda Perry.  Little Miss Brilliant (and why she hates that name).
Amanda Perry.  Flirting, awkwardly and unsuccessfully, with “Mr. Brilliant”

Amaunet and Qetesh,  The burden of power.  Gen.

Amelia.  Hidden secret(s).  Gen.
Amelia & Chuck friendship.  Comparing experiences (Amelia out does him somehow).

Mrs. Armstrong.  Carrying the legacy of her daughter and her husband.

Andrea Palmer.  How Dr. Andrea Palmer got involved in the Stargate Program.

Annie Balic.  Why she's proud to be an exotic dancer.

Dr. Brightman.  Grace under fire in the operating room

Camile. Why Camile accepted the posting to Icarus

Camile Wray & Sharon. Sharon struggles to cope with Camile's absence.

Carolyn Lam & Janet friendship  (bonus if Brightman makes it in too!).  You wouldn't believe the medical problems I see.  Gen.

Cassandra Fraiser, coming to work for the SGC.

Cassie & Sam friendship.  A "science experiment" gone wrong. Gen.

Cassie and Vala friendship.  Earth is a very strange place.  Gen.

Catherine Langford.  She is more involved with the SGC than on the show.

Chloe.  Her no longer safe life
Chloe.  It's not how I thought it would be

Chloe & Sam friendship.  Survival lesson(s)

Chloe & TJ friendship. Off-world, Chloe and TJ struggle to find common ground after the attempted coup.

Chloe & Vanessa. Mending broken bridges

Elizabeth. Gen. Elizabeth Weir isn't taken prisoner when the Genii besiege the city in the Eye and she has to survive the night without being captured or killed.

Elizabeth & Rodney friendship.  Pre-SGA, recruitment.

Elizabeth & Sam friendship. They clash over a decision.

Elizabeth & Teyla friendship.  Season 1, trust. Gen.
Elizabeth & Teyla friendship. Teyla gives Elizabeth self-defense lessons after the events of The Eye/Storm.
Elizabeth & Teyla friendship.  Telling stories

Emily Young. Life goes on.

Gairwyn & Sam friendship. Col. Carter & Gairwyn discuss leadership, responsibility and (non-romantic) choices.  Gen.
Gairwyn & Sha’re friendship. AU. Sha're somehow makes it to Cimmeria (with or without Amaunet) and meets Gairwyn. Gen

Ginn.  Ginn's story of hidden strengths and courage
Ginn.  Math and Destiny.

Gloria Rush.  When you've been with a man for over 20 years you can tell what he's thinking without words; even when he's thinking in pure math
Gloria Rush.  AU Gloria's cancer stayed in remission and Rush took her with him to Icarus Base as his Administrative Assistant

Janet & Sam friendship. Off-world rescue.
Janet & Sam friendship. Defy orders.(going offworld a bonus)
Janet & Sam friendship. Creating code words for Cassie (like "Toronto").  Gen.
Janet & Sam friendship.  Motorcycles and rednecks.  Gen.
Janet & Sam friendship.  The Air Force Way.  Gen.
Janet & Sam friendship. What's the strangest thing you've encountered this month?  Gen.
Janet & Sam friendship.  Let's not be workaholics for a night. Gen.
Janet & Sam.  Sam and Janet have a huge falling out then Sam is injured on Earth & Janet is the only one to help her.

Jennifer &Elizabeth friendship.  Other characters of your choice - detective agency AU.

Jennifer & Marie (nurse) .  S3, post-Sunday, taking over isn't easy.  Gen.

Jennifer & Rodney (pre-relationship/friendship).  Jennifer saves the day.

Jennifer, Sam & male character of your choice. S4, girl power

Jennifer, Sam, & Teyla friendship.  Stuck together in Sam's quarters during a lockdown.

Jennifer & Teyla friendship. Teyla realises Jennifer has come along way since the events of Missing.
Jennifer & Teyla friendship.  Other characters of your choice - veterinary/animal rescue centre AU.
Jennifer & Teyla friendship.  Playing games.

Kate Heightmeyer and Teyla friendship.  Becoming friends.

Kiva.  How Kiva rose to be a Commander of the Lucian Alliance

Lisa Park.  Being a woman in a male-dominated field.

Maryann Wallace.  She misses her son - how she copes with being alone now

Dr. McCormack.  Who is she?

Dr. Mehta.  Her first visit to the Destiny

Sam.  Sam has a heart to heart with Dr. Brightman. Gen.
Sam.  Bunny slippers and telescopes. Gen.
Sam.  Sam in her role as sister. Gen.
Sam.  AU: Jolinar survived and Sam remained her host.
Sam. Col. Carter must save herself; offworld, dangerous plants.
Sam.  Sam from Lt. Evans' perspective.  Gen.
Sam. Sam & Bray'tac offworld by themselves. Gen.
Sam.  Replicarter & Sam.  it's not easy being me. Gen.

Sam/Jack, adjusting now that she's the action hero and he has a desk job
Sam/Jack, team.  Foothold wasn't really aliens but a chemical spill after all and Sam needs saving.

Sam & Sha're friendship. AU Sha're either does not become Ammonet or is saved. The NID tries to kidnap them both.

Sam & Teyla friendship.  Sam, Rodney, other characters of your choice - wild west era AU.
Sam and Teyla, lost and on the run.
Sam and Teyla.  Save John, Ronon and Rodney from some disaster.
Sam and Teyla.  Drunk and sharing bed antics about Jack and John. (Sam/Jack, Teyla/John)

Sam & Vala friendship. Vala stows away on the Hammond when it's sent on a mission.
Sam & Vala friendship, rescuing the rest of the team
Sam & Vala friendship.  Vala considers taking the US Citizenship test, and Sam helps her study.
Sam and Vala friendship.  Girls' Day out.  Gen.

Sam & Vala. Sam isn't even sure if she likes Vala, but she's the first female influence in Sam's life since Janet.

Sara O'Neill, after the Stargate program becomes public knowledge

Sharon gets through another day without Camile

TJ. How TJ learned to do stitches
TJ. She deals with the loss of her child.
TJ. baby Carmen.

Teyla.  Her impressions of Earth.
Teyla.  As an ambassador on Earth representing the rest in the Pegasus Galaxy.
Teyla.  Has a baby girl.  Gen.
Teyla.  Cat and/or dog encounter, set on Earth.  Gen.

Teyla/John Post EATG. John and Teyla find love on Earth.
Teyla/John. She takes the bull by the horns and goes after the man she really loves...John Sheppard..anywhere in the time line..she takes no prisoners attitude..
Teyla/John.  Teyla telling her grandchildren...(she left Kanaan and married John) so Torren’s kids and her and John’s grandchildren... a story about the old days...
Teyla/John.  SGC asks Teyla to teach some young recruits how to use bantos sticks...in her athosion gym clothes..so, sexy and one hot mama...and some jealous John

Teyla/Ronon or Gen. When Ronon is accused of murder, Teyla has to clear his name.

Teyla & Vala friendship.  Warrior and thief.
Teyla & Vala, gen or femslash, discussing shows/sweets/games/... they both like.

Vala. Five things she enjoys about living on Earth
Vala.  She finds a cat and is determined to keep it, even if everyone says she can't.
Vala sneaks off base whenever she wants - and does - but the places she chooses to go would surprise people.
Vala. AU. Qetesh didn't die, the snake moved on to someone else. Vala comes face to face with her again.
Vala.  AU. Vala returning to the SGC before giving birth, not after. (Gen or Cam/Vala.)

The SG and Atlantis teams start playing World of Warcraft. The girls join rival guilds and it starts to get real.
The women of the Faith Planet: their lives after Destiny left.
Destiny: girls' night at Brody's still
There aren't that many women on Destiny after all, so for support they start up a weekly girls only coffee kaltsch - “Although without coffee, maybe it should be called a 'water kaltsch'?” “Or we could just get some of Brodie's hooch and call it good.”
Girl's poker night, any season, any female - Teyla wins

Art Specific

Banner. Women in Action.

Banner. The ultimate all female Stargate team. (4 women of the artist's choice.)

Teyla 2011 Calendar.

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