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Rules for Ficathon & Art Challenge



1.     Choose your prompt(s) - you can choose more than one and choose one already selected.  Note any exclusions or specifics in your prompt and please ensure you stick with them.

2.     Crossovers: If the prompt is a not a crossover, you can crossover with another Stargate show if your muse takes you that way but  not with a non-Stargate show 

3.     Ship/Femslash is allowed but if the prompt says GEN or FRIENDSHIP please keep it that way. 

4.     Adult fic/art (explicit sex, PWP, etc) is allowed but you'll need to ensure you include warnings.

5.     Character bashing of any female character is not allowed (and we'd prefer you didn't bash the male characters too).

6.     There is no word limit.  If you want to write a drabble that would be great. 

7.     Submission dates will be from Jan 7th - Jan 31st 2011.  

8.     Please get a beta for your fics!  If anyone can't find one, PM me!

9.     Instructions on how to submit will be released nearer to the submission date. 

Any questions please PM me!
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