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Women of the Gate Ficathon & Art Challenge Open for Prompts

Women of the Gate Ficathon & Art Challenge Open for Prompts

Welcome to the latest Ficathon & Art Challenge!  We're now open for prompts.  Please read the rules before submitting a prompt as a comment to this post. 

Sign-ups for authors and artists will take place from 1st Nov.  Ficathon and Art Challenge entries will be due Jan 6th-Jan 31st 2011.

Be aware that prompts may have spoilers for SGU S1 and S2.

Ficathon & Art Challenge Schedule:

Submit Prompts: Oct 2nd - Oct 31st
Prompts Go Live for Sign-Up: Nov 1st (revised)
Writing/Creating Period: Nov 1st - Jan 6th
Ficathon & Art Challenge Posting: Jan 6th - Jan 31st


1. The community is a celebration of the Women of the Stargate franchise.   All female characters that have appeared in Stargate Universe, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG1 are allowed.  The prompt MUST have a female character front and centre. 

2. Crossovers between Stargate programmes are allowed (e.g. Stargate Universe with SG1, Stargate Atlantis with SG1, etc).  Crossovers or fusions with other TV shows are not.

3. FEMSLASH and HET is allowed.  If you want your prompt to be GEN/Friendship Only, please state this in your prompt.

4. Alternate universe and alternate timelines are allowed (e.g. Janet doesn't die in Heroes AU, the timeline from SGA's The Last Man, etc)

5. Submitting a prompt does not mean you have to write a fic or submit art (although we would love it if you did) nor is it a guarantee that anyone will sign-up to write it or create something.

6. All prompts will be considered open for art.  However, art specific prompts (e.g Banner showing Atlantis women only) are allowed.

7. There is no theme so go wild! 

8. Mods reserve the right not to include a prompt if it does not comply with the rules or is against the spirit of the community.

Any other questions, PM me please or drop a comment here.

Happy prompting!  And please spread the word!!
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