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Prompt List for Author/Artist Sign Up

Please sign up by commenting to this prompt list stating the prompt you are claiming.  Please read the rules before signing up.  You can claim as many prompts as you wish.  You will have until June 21st-June 30th to complete the fics/art.

You can claim a prompt you posted and you can claim a prompt someone else has claimed if it's really, really, really the one your muse wants, but we'd really prefer it if you chose something else.

Prompts already claimed once are highlighted in blue.

Prompts are listed by character name in alphabetical order (where there are two names mentioned in the prompt, the focal character is chosen):

Any Character: The first time they teamed up with another woman to save the day


The first time Adria felt sympathy

Anne Teldy (SGA, S5, Whispers)

The first time Anne Teldy met John Sheppard

Amelia Banks

Amelia's first time off-world

Carolyn Lam

The first time Carolyn Lam meets an alien. (Bonus if the alien she meets first is Vala Mal Doran.)

Camile Wray

The first time Camile Wray realized she was gay. (Gen preferred, but slash is okay if you prefer.)

The first time Camile Wray was passed over for promotion.

Camile’s first date with Sharon

Cassie Fraiser

Cassie's first day in school after arriving from "Toronto."

The first time Cassie steps through the wormhole since her mother's death.

The first time Cassie realized just how different she still was even after several years on Earth.

Catherine Langford

Catherine's first attempt to get the Stargate program restarted (after 1969).

The first time Catherine met Sam Carter

Chloe Armstrong

Chloe's first day as her father's assistant. Gen.

The first time on the Destiny Chloe felt needed.

The first time Chloe Armstrong heard about the Stargate programme.


Drey'auc's first impressions of Sam and/or Janet

The first time Drey'auc has to cope with being considered the wife of a shol'va. Gen.

The first time Dreyu'ac came to earth.

Elizabeth Weir

Elizabeth Weir's first impression of SGC and some of the people.

The first time Elizbeth Weir realised that the IOA didn't trust her.

The first time Elizabeth Weir didn't want to smack Rodney McKay upside the head

The first time Elizabeth got stuck in a lift with [any female character]

The first mission Sam Carter and Elizabeth Weir went on together

Elizabeth Weir’s first time swapping the ZPM’s over in the Before I Sleep timeline


The first time when Gairwyn first considered SG1 (especially Sam) friends

Gairwyn’s first hunt


Hathor’s first host.

Janet Fraiser

Janet's first day at SGC.

Janet Frasier's first day as chief medical officer

The first time Janet lost an SG team member.

The first time Janet felt like she was in way over her head as a parent.

Janet's first apocalypse.

The first time Janet Frasier thought 'I can't do this'.

Janet Fraiser’s first words of advice to Tamara Johansen or Jennifer Keller.

Janet meets Sam for the first time

Jennifer Hailey

Jennifer Hailey's first trip through the gate as an SG team member.
The first time Jennifer Hailey heard the name "Sam Carter"

Jennifer Keller

Jennifer Keller's first patient

The first medical emergency Keller was involved in on Atlantis

Jennifer Keller’s first day on Atlantis.

Jennifer has lunch with Elizabeth for the first time; gen, please

Jennifer's first bantos training session with Teyla. Gen.

Katie Brown

The first time Katie Brown saw Star Trek.


Nirrti's first genetic experiment. Gen.

Samantha Carter

The first time Sam yelled at Cassie

The first time Sam told off Vala

The first time when Sam first considered Gairwyn a friend

The first time Sam had to fake her way through a crisis at the SGC

Sam's first day working on the Stargate project

The first time Sam Carter felt afraid

The first time Sam decided to grow her hair longer

The first time Sam killed a man.

The first time Samantha Carter met Janet Fraiser.

The first mission Sam Carter and Elizabeth Weir went on together

Doctor Samantha Carter’s first day at the SGA

Sallis (SG1, S9, Avalon Pt 2/Origin)

The first time Sallis realized she might have to risk her life for the cause

Sara O'Neill

The first time Sara met Jack.

Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardener's first meeting with Vala Mal Doran on Earth. Gen.

Sarah Gardner's first thoughts after being de-Goa'ulded.


The first time, pre-movie, that Sha'uri found the catacombs with the forbidden hieroglyphs.

Sha're's first day back on Abydos when she was carrying the harcesis. Gen.

Tamara "TJ" Johansen

TJ's first thoughts about the creature she saw in Water. Gen.

The first time TJ saw Vanessa James cry.

Jennifer Keller’s first words of advice to Tamara Johansen

TJ realises for the first time that she's trapped on the Destiny

Teyla Emmagan

The first time Teyla considered Sam a warrior

Teyla's first love.

The first time Teyla kissed Kanaan.

The first time Teyla really considered leaving Atlantis

Teyla’s first impressions of Atlantis.

Thilana (SG1, S10, Line in the Sand)

Thilana's first crisis as a leader. Gen.


Travell's first meeting with Lya (asking her to be an Arkon, maybe?)

Vala Mal Doran

The first time Vala realizes she might actually want to stay on earth.

The first time Vala sneaks off of base.

The first time Vala is thanked by someone at the SGC. 

The first time Vala Mal Doran realizes she has other options besides Daniel Jackson; Cam/Vala. 

The first time Vala confronted misogyny at the SGC

The first time Vala swore Sam to secrecy

 Vala’s first feelings when seeing Adria

The first time Vala realised she loved ____
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