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About the Character Profiles - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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January 9th, 2010

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03:05 pm - About the Character Profiles

About the Character Profiles

The character profiles have been created to primarily provide information and inspiration for ficathons and art challenges.  They are also there to provide easier access to links to the ficathon and art entries for that particular character.

Feel free to add fic recs, icons, pics, signatures, etc as a comment to any of the profiles (you don't need to be a member of LJ as we accept non-LJ comments).

Characters have been categorised as follows:

REGULAR: Identified as a main cast member of a Stargate series with regular billing in the show's opening credits or promotion. 
Exception(s): Janet Fraiser (who seriously should have got regular billing in SG1)

RECURRING: Identified as starring in two or more episodes of a Stargate series/movie and/or where there was an importance or presence about the character which carried beyond their appearance.

MINOR: Identified as starring in an episode/story of a Stargate series with an importance to that story

BACKGROUND: Identified as being background only with no or little importance to a story overall 

If a character was determined to be regular or recurring they have generally been given a profile of their own (there are a couple of exceptions to this) which can be found on the right-hand navigation bar. Minor characters have been gathered together on the MINOR CHARACTER profile.  A few background characters have made the MINOR list too but in the main they are not profiled at all.
It is inevitable that I've probably missed someone, and apologies in advance if this happens to be your favourite character.
If you feel we have missed a character of importance or that a character included on the MINOR list should have their own profile, please add a comment to this post, stating the character name, and why they should be included.  We retain the right to determine who has a profile and who doesn't.  It may well be over time some of the recurring will be moved to MINOR due to lack of stories, etc.  New individual profiles will only be added during the 'down-time' between ficathons/art challenges.

If you feel we've got our info wrong about a character, please request a correction on the relevant character profile. Changes to a MINOR character should be requested on the MINOR CHARACTER profile post.

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