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Minor Female Characters Profile - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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January 9th, 2010

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02:39 pm - Minor Female Characters Profile

This post holds character references for all characters considered MINOR and some BACKGROUND characters who have played an importance in events. 

Please be aware of very minor spoilers for SGU.

It is not an exhaustive list and we're aware we may have missed a few.

The line between MINOR and BACKGROUND is very fine.  If there is a character missing from the list who you feel should be referenced, please reply to the post and add a comment with the character name, the episode they appeared in, and a line of information about the character.  The mods retain the right to determine the list.

The list also contains some characters who arguably fall into the RECURRING category but may have been determined not to have a profile for some reason.  While this may seem arbitray there is usually some method in my madness and thinking that has determined it one way or another (for example in the case of Osiris, the fact that the Goa'uld in question is considered 'male' just occupying a female host).  We are open to debate though and requests for the characters to have their own character profile should be made on the 'About the Character Profiles' post which follows this one.  

Captain Alicia Vega - Appeared S5 SGA Search & Rescue and Whispers.  A member of Anne Teldy's team, Vega is killed in the line of duty on discovery of a group of Michael's hybrids.
Doctor Alison Porter - Appeared S5 SGA Whispers.  A scientist and civilian member of Anne Teldy's team, Porter seems to share a mutual romantic attraction with Carson Beckett.

Allina – Appeared S1 SGA Brotherhood. A member of the Brotherhood, sworn to protect the ZPM and return it to the true owners of Atlantis. May have been romantically attracted to Rodney McKay. 

Ally – Appeared S2 Bane. A young girl who helps Teal’c when he is being transformed into bugs.

Amanda Perry - Appeared SGU S1 Sabotage and S2 The Greater Good. A brilliant quadriplegic scientist with a soft spot for Dr. Nicholas Rush who used to call her “Little Miss Brilliant”. She hated the name but was always happy to swap bodies with someone to help out on the Destiny. She was killed by a member of the Lucien Alliance when swapped with Ginn using the stones.  She remains quarantined in the ship's computer as an entity (S2 SGU Hope).

Amy Vanderburg – Appeared S10 Bounty. Cameron Mitchell had a crush on Amy in high school and is reunited with her during their school’s 20th anniversary reunion.

Andrea Palmer – Appeared S1 SGU Air. A scientist assigned to Icarus who gets stranded on the Destiny and goes with the away team onto a planet.

Anna – Appeared S7 Resurrection. A Goa’uld hybrid creation of Dr Keffler. She eventually escaped her prison and killed him before killing herself.

Major Anne Teldy - Appeared S5 SGA Whispers.  Teldy leads an all-female team in the Pegasus galaxy.  She helps defeat a group of Michael's hybrids.

Annie Balic - Appeared SGU S1 Earth. Lt. Matthew Scott’s former girlfriend and mother of his 8 year old son, Matthew jr. She makes ends meet working as an exotic dancer.

Athena – Appeared S10 Memento Mori. A Goa’uld working with Ba’al on Earth, Athena captured Vala and attempted to rape her memory for information Quetesh had kept from her.

Aiyana – Appeared S6 Frozen. An Ancient who did not go to the Pegasus galaxy as she carried a deadly plague. Unearthed by scientists in Antarctica she infected the team. She healed them but ultimately died weakened from her efforts.

Corporal Barnes - Appeared S1 SGU Pain and SGU S2 Malice. A member of Destiny’s military contingent. She was the only one of the away team who either did not carry one of the alien ticks or remained unaffected by their venom. She also works in the infirmary when required.

Brenna – Appeared S4 Beneath the Surface. The manager of the underground facility where SG1 were put to work once their memories were stamped with new identities. Brenna eventually came to realise that the abduction of the team was wrong and was in the process of helping them escape when she was shot and injured by the Minister.

Doctor Brightman – Appeared S8 Lockdown. The CMO of the SGC after Janet Fraiser died, Brightman is believed to have held the position until Carolyn Lam took over.  Since SGU S1 she has been stationed in Washington at Homeworld Command, with privileges at Bethesda, and has travelled to Destiny via the communication stones on a couple of occasions.

Carmen Johansen - Appeared S2 SGU Intervention. She was TJ’s and Young’s unborn daughter who did not survive when her mother was shot during an attempt by a Destiny soldier to retake the infirmary. Destiny planted a vision of her being alive and well with the people left behind on a planet (S1 SGU Faith) in TJ’s mind to ease her suffering but in the end only delayed TJ's mourning.

Charlene Spencer – Appeared S8 Citizen Joe. Wife of Joe Spencer who was linked through Ancient technology to Jack O’Neill.

Minister Chaska – Appeared S9 Ethon. As part of the Caledonian Federation she worked with Sam Carter to secure an agreement with the Rand.

Chaya Sar – Appeared S1 SGA Sanctuary. An exiled Ascended being who took the form of the High Priestess of Athar. She had a spiritual liaison with John Sheppard.

Chloe – Appeared S8 Avenger 2.0. Jay Felger’s lab assistant who helped work on the virus and who has a secret crush on her boss.

Claire Jackson – Appeared S2 The Gamekeeper. Daniel Jackson’s mother who died when he was young after being crushed by an exhibit.

Clare Tobias – Appeared S3 Shades of Grey. Tobias is a scientist and engineer working for the rogue NID operation offworld. She was arrested with the others when Jack O’Neill exposed their operation. She was slightly bitter that Sam Carter had beaten her to the position at the SGC.

Dahlia Radim – Appeared S2 SGA Coup D’etat. Sister of Ladon Radim, Dahlia was terminally ill until sent to Atlantis as a hostage. Carson Beckett was able to find a cure.

Captain Daria Voronkova – Appeared S8 Full Alert. A member of the Russian military, she assisted Daniel Jackson in Russia.

Diana Mendez – Appeared S6 Desperate Measures. The assistant and lover of Adrian Conrad, she gave orders to the doctors to kill Sam Carter in order to free Conrad from the Goa’uld he had used to cure himself. She was killed by the Goa’uld when he escaped.

Sergeant Dusty Mehra - Appeared S5 SGA Whispers.  A member of Anne Teldy's team, Dusty helps to defeat a group of Michael's hybrids.

Egeria – Appeared S6 The Cure. The founder of the Tok’ra, Egeria was imprisoned by Ra. She was later found by the Pangarans who forced her into breeding many symbiotes to create tretonin. She forgave them and provided the solution to their addiction issue before her death.

Ellia – Appeared S2 SGA Instinct. A young Wraith girl who was found by Zaddick and who was the first test subject of the retrovirus. She was killed when the retrovirus made her more Iratus bug than human.

FRAN – Appeared S4 SGA Be All My Sins Remembered. “Friendly Replicator Android” created by Rodney McKay who helped destroy the Replicators homeworld.

Francine Michaels – Appeared S6 Frozen. A scientist working at the Antarctica research centre who unearths Aiyana.

Garshaw – Appeared S2 The Tok’ra. A leader of the Tok’ra High Council, Garshaw accepts the offer of help from the Tau’ri when a spy is discovered and the base attacked.

Ginn - Appeared SGU S2 Intervention-Malice. A bright young scientist with the Lucian Alliance who kills Dannic to end the Alliance's take-over of Destiny.  She claims to have been forced to join the Alliance and starts up a relationship with Eli.  She is killed by Simeon, a fellow tribe member who is loyal to the Alliance and will not allow her to betray them by divulging secret plans of a planned attack on Earth (S2 SGU Malice) but remains in the ship's computer (S2 SGU Hope).

Gloria Rush - Appeared SGU S1 Human, S2 Intervention-Cloverdale. Dr. Nicholas Rush’s wife who died from cancer. She was a concert violinist. Destiny appeared to use Gloria's image as an avatar during manifestations to Rush on the Bridge.

Grace – Appeared S7 Grace. A young girl who appears to Sam Carter when stranded aboard the Prometheus. It is unknown whether she was a hallucination or an alien from the nearby nebula but she played a pivotal role in Sam finding a solution to her predicament.

Harmony - Appeared S4 SGA Harmony. A princess, Harmony was escorted by Sheppard and McKay on her quest to confirm that she would be Queen.

Helia – Appeared S3 SGA The Return. The commander of the Tria, Helia assumed control of Atlantis and requested that the Earth expedition leave for a time while she and her crew adjusted. She was killed when the Replicators attacked Atlantis.

Jenny – Appeared S1 1969. A young woman who gave a ride to SG1 during 1969. She and her partner Michael suspected that the team were more than they claimed but helped them regardless.

Jolinar – Appeared S3 Jolinar’s Memories. The Tok’ra symbiote who took Sam Carter as an unwilling host before dying to save her. She loved Martouf and did not tell him how she escaped Netu. 

Julia Donovan – Appeared S6 Prometheus – S10 The Road Not Taken. A reporter who finds out about the Prometheus project as part of the rogue NIDs plans to hijack the spaceship.

Kar’yn – Appeared S8 Sacrifices. A warrior of the Hak’tyl, Kar’yn marries Rya’c, Teal’c’s son.

Kendra – Appeared S1 Thor’s Hammer. A former Goa’uld host, Kendra settled on Cimmeria, helping to heal those wounded. She helped Sam Carter and Daniel Jackson find their missing team-mates.

Kerry Johnson – Appeared S8 Threads. A CIA agent helping to clean up The Trust situation, Kerry had a romantic liaison with Jack O’Neill but broke it off when she realised his feelings lay elsewhere.

Lt Kershaw – Appeared S5 The Sentinel. A former member of the rogue NIDs operation, Kershaw helped SG1 find and repair the Sentinel but she was fatally injured during the mission and died.

Kianna – Appeared S7 Fallout. A research assistant to Jonas Quinn, she was taken as a host to a Goa’uld who developed a romance with Jonas. Kianna’s symbiote chose to sacrifice itself but allowed Kianna to live.

Kiva - Appeared S1 SGU Incursion. The daughter of a leader of a faction of the Lucian Alliance with a command of her own. She tortured Rush and staged an incursion on the Destiny when Earth attacked her research base on an Icarus-type planet.  She killed Rivers in a show of anger aboard Destiny.  She used Col. Telford as a mole until he shot her after being freed from her brainwashing.

Kynthia – Appeared S1 Brief Candle. A resident of Argos, Kynthia briefly married Jack O’Neill before she discovered he had no knowledge he had accepted a proposal by accepting cake. She released him from his obligation but helped him as he aged and made him realise that life was short.

Laira – Appeared S3 A Hundred Days. A leader among the Edorans, Laira missed the evacuation to find her son Garan. She later romanced Jack O’Neill, helped him to be accepted during his time on Edora and although disappointed, let him go when SG1 arrived to rescue him.

Leda Kane – Appeared S8 Icon. The wife of Jared Kane she helped look after an injured Daniel Jackson, coming to care deeply for him although she remained faithful to her husband. She died after a Prior set a plague on Tegalus.

Linea (also known as Ke’ra) – Appeared S2 Prisoners – S3 Past & Present. Linea was a brilliant scientist and sociopath. She killed many on her homeworld with her biological experiments and was imprisoned on Hadante. She convinced SG1 to help her escape and as a thank you did not kill them when she left the SGC. She travelled to Vyus where another of her experiments caused all the population to revert to their youth and to lose their memories. She unknowingly assumed the identity of Ke’ra a leader of the Vyus and became romantically involved with Daniel Jackson. When the truth was discovered, the Vyan’s allowed Linea to remain as Ke’ra (having removed her memories again) and took her home with them.

Mala – Appeared S7 Birthright. A temple priestess who saw her beloved and child killed before her eyes.  A second to Ishta, Mala volunteers to try tretonin and dies from complications.

Maryann Wallace – Appeared S1 SGU Air, Earth and S2 SGU Pathogen. Eli’s mother who as a nurse contracted the HIV virus which led to the breakdown of her marriage to Eli’s father.  She suffered a relapse after becoming despondent about Eli's absence; Wray arranged for her to use the stones to travel to Destiny to see Eli for herself and later she befriends Sharon Walker, Wray's partner.

Dr Mehta – Appeared S1 SGU Air – S1 SGU Earth. A scientist working with Homeworld Security, Mehta has allowed her body to be used to transfer the consciousness of Chloe Armstrong to Earth while she has gone to the Destiny.

Melena – Appeared S3 SGA Sateda. Melena was heavily involved with Ronon Dex at the time the Wraith attacked Sateda. As a trained medical professional she refused to run and was killed during the attack.

Melia – Appeared S1 SGA Rising – S1 SGA Before I Sleep. A member of the Ancient High Council, Melia welcomed Elizabeth Weir to Atlantis and helped to oversee the evacuation back to Earth. She left behind a holographic message warning of the Ancient’s battle with the Wraith.

Merrin – Appeared S3 Learning Curve. Merrin helped Sam Carter understand naquadah generators and was taught how to be a child by Jack O’Neill. She took this knowledge back to her planet where the information was assimilated and led to a better life for the children who had undergone the Ovarium.

Miko – Appeared S1 SGA Letters from Pegasus. A Japanese scientist assigned to the Pegasus expedition, she had a high regard for Rodney McKay. Possibly her last name is Kusanagi.

Mrs Armstrong – Appeared S1 SGU Air – S1 SGU Earth. The wife of Senator Armstrong and mother to Chloe, she is a personal friend of the President and First Lady is not afraid to make waves in order to bring her daughter home.

Nancy Sheppard – Appeared S4 SGA Outcast. The ex-wife of John Sheppard, Nancy now works for Homeland Security and has a better understanding of classified work. She helps Sheppard gain information which allows him to track down a replicator on Earth.

Neith – Appeared S7 Birthright. A traditional female warrior who challenges Ishta over the use of tretonin but when she is injured agrees to use it to save herself after being begged by her sister Nesa, who wants to use tretonin and has a small crush on Daniel Jackson.

Nola – Appeared S3 SGA The Game. The leader of the Geldarans who were provided with advice and information by Rodney McKay unaware that he thought it was just a game.

Norina – Appeared S2 SGA Inferno. A leading scientist of the Taranian people, Norina worked with McKay and Sheppard to save her people. It is likely that she was killed by Michael.

Nya – Appeared S1 Emancipation. The daughter of Turghan who tried to run away with her love Abu. She was saved from stoning by Sam Carter.

Perna – Appeared S1 SGA Poisoning the Well. A Hoffan scientist who worked with Carson Beckett to refine the drug which would make them immune to the Wraith. She and Beckett developed a bond before she died from taking the drug.

Rachel - Appeared S2 SGU Visitation. One of the scientists who chose to remain behind on the planet Eden (S1 SGU Faith). She died from an unknown illness but was reanimated and sent back to Destiny with the other pioneers where she died again from her previous illness.

Reese – Appeared S5 Menace. A robotic android who created the Milky Way/Asgard form Replicators as toys to keep her company. She was damaged by a shot from Jack O’Neill but the Asgard were able to use her technology to trap the Replicators for a time in a time dilation bubble.

Ren’al – Appeared S5 Enemies – S5 Summit. A Tok’ra scientist, Ren’al helped to create the symbiote poison but she died during Zipacna’s attack on Revanna.

Reya Varrick – Appeared S9 Collateral Damage. A Galaran scientist who romanced Cameron Mitchell before being killed by her ex-husband who could not bear to lose her.

Sabrina Gosling – Appeared S8 Moebius. Catherine Langford’s niece who thanks Daniel Jackson for coming to the funeral.

Sarah Gardner – Appeared S4 The Curse – S7 Chimera. A former lover and colleague of Daniel Jackson who is taken as a host by Osiris. She is eventually saved after Osiris is captured by SG1 on Earth.

Sara O’Neill – Appeared S1 Cold Lazarus. The ex-wife of Jack O’Neill, Sara became aware of Jack’s new job when she was exposed to an alien who masqueraded as him for a time.

Saroosh – Appeared S3 The Tok’ra. The former host of Selmak.

Sharon Walker – Appeared S1 SGU Life and S2 SGU Pathogen. The partner of Camile Wray who has promised to wait for her return. She befriends Eli's mother as a support.

Shallan – Appeared S6 Abyss. The lotar of Ba’al who was romanced by Kanan to give him access to the quarters. She was rescued from Ba’al by Jack O’Neill.

Shen Xiaoyi – Appeared S9 The Scourge – S5 SGA Remnants. A member of the IOA representing China, Shen has ambitions to take over as leader of the Atlantis expedition.

Shyla – Appeared S2 Need. The Princess of Pyrus, Shyla tried to manipulate Daniel Jackson into becoming her husband before agreeing to destroy the sarcophagus and free her people.

Sora – Appeared S1 SGA Underground – S1 SGA The Siege. A part of the Genii army, Sora blamed Teyla Emmagan for her father’s demise and wanted vengeance but was unable to beat Teyla in combat. She was confined in Atlantis following the Genii’s failed attempt to hold the city. 

Svetlana Markov – Appeared S4 Watergate. The scientific lead of the Russian Stargate programme, she aided SG1 in finding the Russian base and discovering the fate of her colleagues.

Tanis Rayneard – Appeared S6 Forsaken. A member of Aiden Corso’s gang, Rayneard was a thief who tried to con Jonas Quinn and the rest of SG1.

Teer - Appeared S2 SGA Epiphany. A woman seeking Ascension she was part of the community who played host to John Sheppard and learning from his example were able to cast off their fear and Ascend.  She was romantically attracted to Sheppard and had seen him in visions. 

Thilana – Appeared S10 Line in the Sand. The leader of her people, Thilana would not bow down to the Ori and protected Teal’c despite opposition.

Val - Appeared S2 Visitation. One of the scientists who chose to remain behind on the planet Eden (S1 SGU Faith). She was in a relationship with fellow scientist Peter. She was crushed by a falling tree.  She was reanimated and returned to Destiny with the other pioneers before dying again from her previous injuries.

Wendy Mitchell – Appeared S9 Avalon – S10 Bounty. The mother of Cameron Mitchell.

Wraith Queen(s) – Numerous appearances. The Wraith are ruled by Wraith Queens who control each hive. They are immune to the retrovirus drug, very strong and telepathic. 

Yolanda Reese – Appeared S5 Wormhole X-treme – S10 200. The actress who plays Stacey Monroe (the character based on Sam Carter) on the fictional Wormhole X-treme.

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Date:February 21st, 2010 04:58 pm (UTC)
Major Anne Teldy, Doctor Alison Porter, Alicia Vega (KIA) and Sergeant Dusty Mehra.
All from season 5 episode 8 of Stargate Atlantis.

Someone please write some fics about them.
[User Picture]
Date:February 22nd, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
D'oh!! I'll add them in. Ta.
[User Picture]
Date:December 24th, 2010 10:48 pm (UTC)
WOuld you kindly add that Dr. Brightman also appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 of SGU? Besides, I have just finished my story about her... Thank you!
[User Picture]
Date:December 24th, 2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
Here are a few more characters that deserve mention in this list:

Amanda Perry, SGU S1+2. A brilliant quadriplegic scientist with a soft spot for Dr. Nicholas Rush who used to call her “Little Miss Brilliant”. She hated the name but was always happy to swap bodies with someone to help out on the Destiny.

Annie Balic, SGU S1. Lt. Matthew Scott’s former girlfriend and mother of his 8 year old son, Matthew jr. She makes ends meet working as an exotic dancer.

Sharon’s last name is Walker. She also appeared in S2 where she makes friends with Eli’s mother Maryann Wallace.

Ginn, SGU S2. A bright young scientist with the Lucian Alliance who starts up a relationship with Eli and is willing to divulge sensitive information about the Lucian Aliance’s plans.

Gloria Rush, SGU S1+2. Dr. Nicholas Rush’s wife died from cancer. She was a concert violinist. She later appeared to her husband as Destiny’s avatar on the Bridge.

Kiva, SGU S1+2. A ruthless leader of a faction of the Lucian Alliance. She staged an incursion on the Destiny when Earth attacked her research base on an Icarus-type planet. She used Col. Telford as a mole until he shot her after being freed from her brainwashing.

Dr. McCormack, SGU S1. An Earth scientist who swapped bodies with Chloe during “Earth”.

Corporal Barnes, SGU S1+2. A member of Destiny’s military contingent. She was the only one of the away team in “Pain” who either did not carry one of the alien ticks or remained unaffected by their venom. She also works in the infirmary.

Carmen Johansen, SGU S1+2. She was TJ’s and Young’s unborn daughter who was killed by a stray bullet. Destiny planted a vision of her being alive and well with the people left behind on the “Faith” planet in TJ’s mind to ease her suffering.

Val, SGU S1+2. One of the scientists who chose to remain behind on the “Faith” planet Eden. She was in a relationship with fellow scientist Peter. She was crushed by a falling tree.

Rachel, SGU S1+2. One of the scientists who chose to remain behind on the “Faith” planet Eden. She died from a fatal disease.

Speaking of characters… Shouldn’t DESTINY be listed as a main character? There are plenty of fanfics about her out there…

There are more but these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head.
[User Picture]
Date:December 28th, 2010 12:26 pm (UTC)
Wow! Thanks for all these. I know I need to go and update the SGU character profiles too.
[User Picture]
Date:January 6th, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)

Just an addendum - Sharon Walker also appeared in SGU S1 "Sabotage" where she cares for Camile in the body of the quadriplegic Amanda Perry.

Oh yes, I love my SGU ladies. ;-)
[User Picture]
Date:January 27th, 2011 03:44 am (UTC)
I cannot for the life of mine find the tag request post, so I hope someone gets this... could you please make a tag for Kiva? Thanks so much!
[User Picture]
Date:January 8th, 2013 06:01 am (UTC)
Re: Jolinar – Appeared S3 Jolinar’s Memories. The Tok’ra symbiote who took Sam Carter as an unwilling host before dying to save her. She loved Martouf and did not tell him how she escaped Netu.

Jolinar first appeared in season 2, episode 2 (In The Line Of Duty) when she forcefully took Sam as her host.

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