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Character Profile: Lya

First appearance: S1 The Nox Last appearance: S3 Pretense


Lya is a leader within the Nox, an advanced race capable of reading minds and healing through natural abilities. She helped to save SG1 from death when they were killed by Apophis on the Nox homeworld. She was attacked by the Jaffa Shak’nel but was healed by her own people (S1 The Nox).

Subsequently, it was Lya who came to Earth to assist with evacuating the Tollan to an advanced race more suited to giving them sanctuary (S1 Enigma).

SG1 encountered Lya again when she participated as the ‘neutral’ in the Triad on Tollana to determine Skaara’s fate. She voted with SG1 for Skaara to be given precedence over his own body. She also conspired with Teal’c to hide one of the Tollan’s ion weapons enabling them to defeat the Goa’uld mothership when it attacked post-Triad and to save Tollana. As she explained to Sam Carter, she maintained her passive principles by only hiding the weapon – she did not fire it.

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment. 

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