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Character Profile: Travell

First appearance: S3 Pretense Last appearance: S5 Between Two Fires


Chancellor Travell is a leader of the Tollan, an advanced human race with superior technology to Earth including space flight. She presided over the Triad to determine Skaara’s fate. Her trust of the Goa’uld to hold to the terms of the treaty though almost led to the destruction of Tollana which was only saved due to Teal’c and Lya’s conspiring to hide an ion weapon (S3 Pretense).

Travell also helped set up the sting to bring down the rogue NID operation by colluding with General Hammond and Colonel O’Neill. She helped them by agreeing to allow O’Neill to steal from the Tollan enabling him to trick the rogue NID into believing he had turned (S3 Shades of Grey).

Travell attended the funeral of Omarc and SG1 was surprised when she approached Jack offering to talk regarding trade. Travell offered them an ion weapon in exchange of trinium. She even agreed to more ion weapons in later negotiations. Suspicious, SG1 investigated why and it was revealed that the Tollan had been blackmailed into helping the Goa’uld build weapons with their phase technology.  Travell claimed that if the Tollan hadn’t agreed, the Goa’uld whose mothership appeared to be impervious to their ion weapon, would have destroyed Tollana. 

Appalled by the revelation of his government’s actions, Narim destroyed the new weapons and the Goa’uld destroyed Tollana. Travell is presumed dead

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