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Character Profile: Ishta

First appearance: S7 Birthright Last appearance: S8 Sacrifices


Career: Ishta was once a high priestess in the service of Moloc. Forced to sacrifice girl children in favour of boys, Ishta formed a rebellion, hiding the children from Moloc and taking them to live on Hak’tyl. Upon meeting with SG1, Ishta agreed to try the tretonin but after opposition from her second Neith and the death of another due to complications with the drug, Ishta reconsidered. She only changed her mind upon going to find a symbiote for Neith’s sister and realising that the Jaffa they were killing might also want to fight for freedom (S7 Birthright).

Ishta later led discussions on overthrowing Moloc but was betrayed and captured. She was tortured but rescued by Teal’c (S8 Sacrifices)  Moloc was overthrown but Ba'al assumed his territory.

It is assumed she still leads Hak'tyl.

Family: Unknown.       

Female Friendships: Ishta enjoyed a friendship with her second Mala, and although her relationship with her second, Neith was more fraught, it is likely they are also friends after a fashion.

Romantic Others: Ishta was married but her husband took many others; he was killed in battle. Ishta and Teal’c shared a night together during the tretonin experiments (S7 Birthright), and later became more involved. Although they continued to spar over differences in their approaches, Rya’c encouraged his father to seek a formal union with Ishta after becoming married himself to one of Ishta’s young warriors, Karyn (S8 Sacrifices).

AU/Other Versions: n/a

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