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Character Profile: Drey'auc - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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January 5th, 2010

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12:35 pm - Character Profile: Drey'auc

First appearance: S1 Bloodlines Last appearance: S5 Threshold*


Career: Drey’auc was the wife of Teal’c. She supported him, comforting him when his conscience made it hard for him to bear the atrocities he committed in the name of Apophis (S5 Threshold). She was a feisty woman in her own right and was angry at Teal’c for leaving them and rebelling against Apophis especially as his betrayal almost cost Rya’c his life when he became ill and needed his primta, and brought hardship into their lives (S1 Bloodlines). 

Drey’auc dissolved their marriage in Teal’c’s absence, remarrying Fro’tak. But she still loved Teal’c and when Rya’c was brainwashed by Apophis and SG1 betrayed by Fro’tak, Drey’auc returned with her ex-husband and son to Earth (S2 Family). 

Teal’c later took them to the Land of Light for their safety although they eventually ended up at the rebel Jaffa camp. When her symbiote matured, Drey’auc refused to kill another Jaffa for their symbiote and as a result died (S6 Redemption).  

*Only her body is seen so her last appearance is in Threshold.

Family: Drey’auc has a son Rya’c who was cherished by her. Rya’c initially blamed Teal’c for his mother’s death (S6 Redemption).       

Female Friendships: Unknown.

Romantic Others: Drey’auc loved Teal’c but found his absence hard to bear and eventually dissolved their marriage in order to find a way to rebuild her life to support Rya’c. She remarried Fro’tak who was killed by Jack when he tried to betray SG1 (S2 Family).        

AU/Other Versions: n/a

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment.

WOTG Ficathon and Art Challenge Entries for Drey'auc

Betrayed by da_angel729 
Summary: The first time Drey'auc has to deal with being the wife of a sholva.  "He has left through the Chappa'ai with the escaped prisoners," Bra'tac says.

Comrades by [info]skydiver119 
Summary: The first time Drey'auc meets Sam.  Drey'auc's thoughts through Bloodlines.

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