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Character Profile: Morgan Le Fey - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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January 3rd, 2010

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02:02 pm - Character Profile: Morgan Le Fey

First appearance: S10 The Pegasus Project Last appearance: Ark of Truth


Morgan Le Fey (alt. spelling Fay) was an Ancient who resided in the city of Atlantis where her name was Ganos Lal. She was used as the hologram for the educational programme about the city (S10 The Pegasus Project). She returned to Earth when the city was evacuated and eventually Ascended.

When Moros determined that the Ori would eventually constitute a threat and descended, assuming a new identity as Merlin, to build a weapon that could destroy them, Morgan was sent to watch him – and if necessary to stop him. She managed to foil Merlin’s plan but came to the realisation that he was correct. She placed him in stasis so that should he be needed to ever complete the weapon he could be found. She laid clues to finding the Sangraal (S10 The Pegasus Project, Morpheus, The Quest) and built an elaborate test to ensure only some pure of spirit would find him and that any Ori followers could not (S10 The Quest). 

When the Ori did become a threat, Morgan used her hologram to appear to Daniel Jackson, Elizabeth Weir and Vala and inform them of the addresses required to solve her first puzzle. But when Daniel realised she was really an Ascended being, her con was discovered. Daniel pressed her for more but she reminded him of the Ascended rules of non-interference and the consequences of giving him more, revealing that she had known him during his own brief time as an Ascended being. However, she seemed to cave to Daniel’s pleas but was yanked away before she could tell him anything more.

Exiled, Morgan continued to help Daniel from afar, possibly sending him the visions of the Ark. She healed Teal’c enabling him to reach Celestis to help his friends, and appeared to Daniel again when he was captured by the Ori, encouraging him to have hope. He once again pleaded for help. 

When the Ark was used and the Ori followers informed of the truth, removing the flow of power between them and Adria, Morgan challenged Adria. The two engaged in combat. It is unknown whether they are locked in eternal combat as Oma and Anubis or whether they were both destroyed in the battle.

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment.

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