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Character Profile: Oma - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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January 3rd, 2010

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02:00 pm - Character Profile: Oma

First appearance: S3 Maternal Instinct Last appearance: S8 Threads


Oma Desala was an Ascended being who believed in helping others to achieve Ascension. She was based on the planet of Kheb for a time which was considered to be a myth although was journeyed to by many Jaffa seeking to Ascend. Ammonet sent the son of Sha’re to Kheb (S3 Forever in a Day) with a nurse and it is presumed when the nurse was ambushed, Oma stepped in and saved the child.

SG1 went to Kheb with Bra’tac to find Sha’re’s son. Daniel Jackson realised the temple was a place for enlightenment and attempted to seek it. Oma eventually revealed her presence to him along with the child she was hiding. Daniel realised she had been attempting to show him that her powers would ensure the child’s safety. He acquiesced to the child remaining with Oma. Oma destroyed the Jaffa who had surrounded the temple and left Kheb (S3 Maternal Instinct).

Shifu, Sha’re’s son, later appeared to Daniel as a child. Shifu had been Ascended by Oma to ensure the genetic memory of his Goa’uld heritage could be controlled by him (S5 Absolute Power).

Oma appeared to Daniel when he was dying from radiation poisoning and offered to help him Ascend. Daniel accepted, and with her guidance was able to Ascend. He remained aware that Oma would get into trouble if he broke the Ascended rule of non-interference but when Anubis moved on Abydos, Daniel couldn’t help getting involved. In searching for the Eye of Ra he realised that the Ascended beings had previously been the race of Ancients who founded the Stargate. He attempted to constrain Anubis with his own Ascended powers even though he was aware that Oma was present as Skaara had been Ascended. But Oma pulled him away (S6 Full Circle). 

It is assumed from a later discussion (S8 Threads) that Daniel was then informed that Oma had been tricked by Anubis in the past and had helped Anubis Ascend. Upon realising her mistake, she was unable to correct it and the Others punished her by sending Anubis some of the way back to mortality but not all. Daniel couldn’t live as an Ascended with this knowledge, given how Anubis was able to continue inflicting evil on the lower planes of existence, and he was made a mortal again, his memory of his time as an Ascended buried deeply in subconscious (S7 Fallen).

When Daniel was killed by RepliCarter, Oma stepped in again and offered to Ascend him. However, Anubis’s true nature was once again revealed along with Oma’s involvement. Daniel, once again, protested and Oma finally realised that while Daniel could not stop Anubis – she could. She engaged Anubis in eternal combat ensuring that he was no longer a threat to the lower planes of existence (S8 Threads).

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