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Character Profile: RepliCarter - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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January 2nd, 2010

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01:12 pm - Character Profile: RepliCarter

First appearance: S8 New Order Last appearance: S8 Reckoning 


RepliCarter was created by the human form Replicator Fifth after Samantha Carter spurned his affections. She was created using her original’s form, memories and knowledge as a base template (S8 New Order).

In a cunning plan to find a way around the anti-Replicator technology Jack O’Neill had created using his Ancient knowledge, she presented herself to Earth requesting to be destroyed. Sam suggested meeting with her first to see whether RepliCarter would be willing to share intelligence on Fifth. The meeting took place on Earth and Sam met with her double who showed her a memory of Fifth torturing her by making her kill her team-mates. RepliCarter claimed Fifth had a way around the anti-Replicator technology as he had identified the cipher used to target the Replicator cells. Sam was convinced RepliCarter was on the level and with the support of Jack started working closely with RepliCarter. 

It was all a ploy though to enable the Replicators to get access to the anti-Replicator technology to build a counter-measure.    RepliCarter betrayed and killed Fifth before she took the anti-Replicator counter-measure knowledge with her through the Stargate, taunting Sam before she left (S8 Gemini).

She returned to the Milky Way galaxy, first targeting the Goa’uld, the dominant race and quickly killing them. She captured Daniel Jackson for his Ancient knowledge and learned of a device at Dakara that could stop her. She set out to destroy it but Daniel managed to gain control of her and all the Replicators for a brief time, allowing Jacob Carter and Selmak to complete aligning the weapon at Dakara and activating it. It is assumed that RepliCarter was destroyed by the Dakara weapon although the possibility exists that she may have gained enough Ascended knowledge to Ascend herself.

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