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Character Profile: Adria - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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December 31st, 2009

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11:22 am - Character Profile: Adria

First appearance: S10 Flesh and Blood Last appearance: Ark of Truth


Adria was created by the Ori as their Orici. They impregnated Vala upon her arrival in their galaxy following her sabotage of the Supergate (S9 Crusade). 

Vala gave birth to Adria when the Ori fleet invaded the Milky Way galaxy when their second attempt at creating a Supergate was successful. Born in the Milky Way galaxy, Adria soon proved to have extraordinary powers gifted to her by the Ori. She was able to heal Vala following the birth and grew at an exponential rate. Although Adria was already deeply indoctrinated into Origin, Vala hoped their bond as mother and daughter would enable her to change Adria and she stopped Daniel Jackson from killing her (S10 Flesh and Blood).

Adria quickly grew into adulthood and went about converting the planets of the galaxy by force if necessary. She had a necklace containing a piece of the Ori homeworld which protected her and her gifts included telekinesis and telepathy.   Attacked by the Jaffa, she destroyed Dakara (S10 Counterstrike).

When SG1 went in search of Merlin’s weapon, Adria disguised herself as a male librarian to go with them. Her ruse was discovered and thanks to the protections Morgan had placed on the Sangraal, Adria was left behind when the others were transported to Merlin’s cave. She used her abilities to follow them, eventually attacking and taking Daniel Jackson hostage (S10 The Quest Pt 1 and 2).

She attempted to indoctrinate Daniel into Origin, partly by seducing him, and he was only able to resist her thanks to the presence of Merlin in his mind. He concocted a plan to continue to create the weapon but to send it through to the Ori galaxy, hoping it would kill the Ori themselves. He allowed Adria to change him into a Prior to achieve this (S10 The Shroud).

Adria returned from the Ori galaxy with more troops but an attempt to capture her by SG1 was usurped by Ba’al who took her as a host. Adria/Ba’al was then captured by SG1 and the Tok’ra removed the Ba’al symbiote. Adria Ascended to avoid being killed (S10 Dominion).

When SG1 went in search of the Ark, they encountered an Ascended Adria who had taken the place of the Ori. All their power was her power and she was determined not to lose it. However, Vala distracted her long enough for Daniel to activate the Ark and Adria lost her followers. Morgan Le Fey engaged her in eternal combat, ensuring Adria was no longer a threat (Ark of Truth).

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment.

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