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Character Profile: Jeannie Miller - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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December 28th, 2009

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09:26 am - Character Profile: Jeannie Miller

First appearance: S3 SGA McKay and Mrs Miller Last appearance: S5 SGA The Shrine



Career: Jeannie Miller is a gifted astrophysicist and scientist, capable of genius leaps of intuition. She eschewed continuing in academia after meeting Kaleb Miller, marrying him and choosing to be a full time mother to their daughter Madison. Her brother Rodney McKay objected to this life choice, creating a rift between them that would last years.  She was first mentioned by McKay when facing imminent death (S1 Hot Zone) and she was the intended recipient of his message (S1 Letters from Pegasus).

However, it was not until Jeannie developed a theoretical proof concerning bridging universes that eventually came to the attention of Samantha Carter and brought her back into contact with her brother. She agreed to work on the concept, travelling to Atlantis where the team was able to use her work to create a bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge caused chaos in another universe and the work had to be abandoned. 

Jeannie continued to assist her brother from her home on Earth, developing the nanite technology McKay had used to save Elizabeth Weir. Jeannie was kidnapped by Henry Wallace who was desperate for the technology to save his dying daughter. He injected Jeannie with non-working variants of the nanites to force her and McKay to finish their work. Although rescued, Jeannie’s legs had to be broken to ensure the nanites didn’t kill her while McKay and the Wraith Todd changed the nanite code.

Jeannie also helped an alternate timeline McKay calculate how to predict solar flares and on travelling to Atlantis to say goodbye to her dying brother, altered the scanner to help with emergency brain surgery which saved his life.     

Family: Her parents are dead but Jeannie has one brother, Rodney McKay who she typically calls Meredith (his first name). She is married to Kaleb Miller and has one daughter, Madison.       

Female Friendships: Unknown.

Romantic Others: She is married to Kaleb Miller. He is very supportive of her and the two seem to share a strong partnership.

AU/Other Versions: AU Jeannie Miller referred to by Rod (S3 McKay and Mrs Miller), AT Jeannie Miller (S4 The Last Man).

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment.

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