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Character Profile: Cassie Fraiser - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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December 27th, 2009

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09:43 am - Character Profile: Cassie Fraiser

First appearance: S1 Singularity  Last appearance: S5 Rite of Passage


Career: It is likely given her age that Cassie is now in college studying. However, nothing canonically has ever been stated regarding her possible career.     

Cassie was originally used as a Trojan horse bomb by Nirrti who hoped to destroy the Earth Stargate. She had also been genetically altered by Nirrti and almost died due to the Goa’uld’s manipulations (S5 Rite of Passage).

Cassie has naquadah in her blood which allows her to identify humans infested with a Goa'uld.  She was able to ascertain Sam hosted Jolinar and warned Jack (S2 In the Line of Duty).  

A future Cassie also helped SG1 return home when they were flung into the far future (S2 1969).

Family: Her family on Hanka were victims of Nirrti’s genocide and Cassie was adopted by Janet Fraiser (S1 Singularity), maintaining a close relationship too with Sam Carter who came to act as another surrogate mother or perhaps a big sister to her (S5 Rite of Passage). 

There is a hint that while Cassie put up a strong front in the immediate aftermath of Janet’s death (S7 Heroes), that she later experienced trouble handling her grief which was one of the reasons why Sam moved to a more stable job for a while to help her (S9 Ex Deus Machina).       

Female Friendships: Unknown beyond her friendship with Sam.

Romantic Others: Cassie had a teenage romance with a boy named Dominic (S5 Rite of Passage).        

AU/Other Versions: n/a

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment.

WOTG Ficathon & Art Challenge Entries for Cassie

One Small Step by [info]rachel500 
Summary: The first time Cassie steps through the Stargate after her mother's death.  When SG1 goes missing, Cassie sets off on a quest to find them but will even the help of old friends enable her to discover the truth.

Promises by Tittamiire
Summary: The SGC is evacuated when Earth gets attacked.

The Stranger Within by traycer_ 
Summary: The first time Cassie realised how different she was despite several years on Earth.  Cassie worries about her future on Earth. Missing scene from Rite of Passage

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