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Character Profile: Tamara "TJ" Johansen - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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December 23rd, 2009

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10:17 am - Character Profile: Tamara "TJ" Johansen

First appearance: S1 SGU Air  Last appearance: S2 SGU Gauntlet


Career: Tamara Johansen “TJ” is a 1st Lieutenant with medic skills serving in the US Air Force. She was originally assigned to the Icarus base and was due to leave there to take up a scholarship but was delayed for some reason (potentially related to her affair with Colonel Young) and has found herself stranded on the Destiny with others (S1 SGU Air). She is the de facto Chief Medical Officer aboard although she was also placed temporarily in command of the Destiny when Young and Scott went off-world (S1 SGU Water).  

TJ questioned her place on Destiny when the crew discovered a planet especially in the wake of realising she was pregnant with Colonel Young's baby.  However, she returned and has continued to perform her duties even under tough conditions and as a hostage of the Lucian Alliance.  

Family: TJ’s parents are still living; her father is a retired tailor. She also has a sister who has two children (S1 SGU Time).  

She lost her baby daughter, Carmen, after being injured by weapons fire during the Alliance's incursion into Destiny.  For a time she believed aliens had saved her daughter and taken her to live with the others left behind on a planet (S2 SGU Intervention) but this was revealed as nothing more than a vision when the others returned to Destiny without the child (S2 SGU Visitation). 

TJ learned that she had a crippling and life threatening condition and was coming to terms with this when the crew was placed in stasis (S2 SGU Epilogue).

Female Friendships: TJ is developing friendships with other women on the Destiny including Lt James, Chloe and Doctor Lisa Park.

Romantic Others: TJ has had an affair with her commanding officer, Colonel Young, but it has seemingly ended with Young attempting to reconcile with his wife.  However the revelation she was pregnant and the loss of their child has provided them with a continuing connection (S1 SGU Faith, S2 SGU Intervention/Trial and Error/Visitation) and an alternate version of TJ ended up married to Young (S2 SGU Common Descent/Epilogue) and having children with him.

She has also been friendly with Doctor Caine (S2 SGU Visitation) and with Varro, a member of the Lucian Alliance), (S2 SGU Intervention - S2 SGU Gauntlet) e.   

AU/Other Versions: Dead AT TJ (S1 SGU Time), Dream TJ (S2 SGU Cloverdale), Novus!TJ (S2 SGU Common Descent/Epilogue)

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment.

WOTG Ficathon and Art Challenge Entries for TJ

Healer by jolinarjackson 
Summary: The first time TJ saw Lt James cry. (Mention of TJ/Young)

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