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Character Profile: Chloe Armstrong - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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December 23rd, 2009

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10:11 am - Character Profile: Chloe Armstrong

Chloe Armstrong

First appearance: S1 SGU Air  Last appearance: S2 SGU Gauntlet


Career: Chloe went to Harvard where she studied Political Science. She worked as an aide to her father who was a Senator prior to being stranded on the Destiny. It was her support of the project that gained her father's sponsorship of it and her idea to embed the 9th chevron puzzle into a computer game to tap into civilian genius (S1 SGU Air). She has struggled to find a role on the Destiny but she was briefly asked to stand up for Colonel Young in an evidentiary hearing (S1 SGU Justice) and has taken part in an away mission in an archaeological/social science capacity (S1 SGU Human).  She was captured by blue aliens but rescued by Rush (S1 SGU Space) which led to her briefly conspiring with other civilians to take over the ship (S1 SGU Divided). 

She was shot when the Alliance tried to take over Destiny but her rapid healing ability revealed that her DNA was being changed at the cellular level and it is suspected that it is another attempt by the blue aliens to take over Destiny.  She is slowly changing, sometimes losing control of her body during which times she has increased intelligence and shows a remarkable ability to interact with Destiny's systems.  She allowed them to change course to pick up Rush (S2 SGU Malice).  She is aware that her own consciousness may not survive when she has changed and has left messages and forgiven Greer for any future action he may take to protect Destiny from her (S2 SGU Visitation).  However, an incident allowed her to be 'cured' of the alien infection (S2 SGU Deliverance) but whether she is totally cured remains unknown.

Family: Her father was a Senator who gave his life to ensure the Destiny survived one more day. Her mother lives in Washington and continues to enjoy powerful friendships with the President and others.   

Female Friendships: She has built relationships with TJ and others.  

Romantic Others: Chloe was dating Josh but their relationship ended perhaps due to his having an affair with her friend Selena. Chloe herself has become romantically involved with Lieutenant Scott since being stranded and is the object of her friend Eli’s affections which she is aware of but does not return believing their friendship is of importance (S1 SGU Incursion Part II).  She would not leave Scott when he was infected on a planet by an organism and dreaming of marrying her (S2 SGU Cloverdale), and ultimately used her alien blood to save him. Although Scott remained supportive during her physical changes, they stopped being intimate although it is assumed that they returned to their previous relationship once Chloe was cured.

AU/Other Versions: Dead AT Chloes (S1 SGU Time), Dream Chloe (S2 SGU Cloverdale), Novus!Chloe (S2 SGU Common Descent/Epilogue).

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment

One Little Word by Shenandoah Risu
Summary: First time on Destiny Chloe felt needed.  She had always been a ticket to bigger and better things for other people...

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