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Character Profile: Vala Mal Doran - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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December 21st, 2009

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10:39 am - Character Profile: Vala Mal Doran


First appearance: S8 Prometheus Unbound Last appearance: Continuum 


Vala’s occupation pre-SGC was a combination of treasure hunter, smuggler, con artist and thief (S9 The Ties That Bind), following a period where she was the unwilling host to the Goa’uld Quetesh. She was saved by the Tok’ra but noted she was cast out from her people (S9 Ties That Bind). A smuggling venture led her to attempt stealing the Earth ship Prometheus but she was foiled by Daniel Jackson (Prometheus Unbound). She escaped but journeyed to Earth on a treasure hunt (S9 Avalon). 

After attaching herself to Daniel via Goa’uld bracelets, Vala was forced to spend weeks at the SGC while the effects wore off. Impatient at not being listened to, Vala flew a ship into the Supergate infrastructure to prevent it from being built (S9 Beachhead) and was transported to the Ori galaxy. 

She joined the SGC as a probationary member on her return (S10 Morpheus) and was later confirmed as a member of SG1 (S10 Memento Mori). She has proven useful at securing transport (S10 Company of Thieves) and in engineering solutions (S10 Bad Guys).

Family: Vala was raised by her mother and adored her father despite his infrequent visits home (S10 Family Ties) and eventual abandonment of her. She had a stepmother named Adria with whom she didn’t get along and she named the daughter she bore at the Ori’s will Adria after her. As a mother, Vala hoped she would be able to reach out to her daughter but eventually conceded that Adria could not be allowed to live (S10 Dominion). Adria eventually Ascended and was engaged in eternal battle with Morgan Le Fey (Ark of Truth).  

Female Friendships: Vala enjoys a friendship with Samantha Carter, having worked with her on SG1.  

Romantic Others: Vala claims to have been married several times before (S10 Bounty), and pre-SGC seems to have had some colourful liaisons (S9 Ties That Bind). She married Tomin in the Ori galaxy initially for protection (S9 Crusade) but came to be truly fond of him. However, she did not return to the Ori galaxy with him after the war ended, noting that she hoped she had found her place (Ark of Truth).   

Vala has flirted with Mitchell (S9 Avalon), Teal’c (S9 Avalon), and Daniel (S8 Prometheus Unbound) at various times. However, there are hints that she is romantically interested in Daniel Jackson (S10 Memento Mori, The Quest, The Shroud) and even became involved with him in a time dilation bubble where they spent fifty years together (S10 Unending).

As host to Quetesh, Vala also encountered Ba’al and in an alternate timeline was his Queen (Continuum).       

AU/Other Versions: Quetesh (Continuum).

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment.  

WOTG Ficathon & Art Challenge Entries for Vala

A Little Standing Time by rolleson
Summary:Family Ties: A scene dealing with the juxtaposition
between Vala's dad, a live crook, and Sam's, a dead hero. Maybe envy or jealousy between them: .Vala wishing that her dad was honourable like Sam's, Sam wishing that her dad was still alive like Vala's. 

An Atlantis Type of Day by shimmeringstar1
Summary: When in Atlantis, do as the Atlanteans do.

A Shot in the Dark by Rachel500
Summary: Company of Thieves: Sam and Vala discuss Sam’s experiences while captive to the Lucien alliance on the ship.

Coming Home by caladria
Summary:Memento Mori: After Vala's back in the SGC following
her amnesia/waitressing/brush with the police, Sam takes her home to her place for the weekend. 

Confessions by deejay435
Summary: Line in the Sand, Did Vala try to heal Sam?

Do Not Underestimate His Subtlety by merrykk
Summary:Continuum Tag. Vala's thoughts/feelings about her own extraction ceremony with Teal'c. *hints of Daniel/Vala*

Earth Delicacies by [info]skydiver119 
Summary: The first time Vala loved...

First Impressions by ReganX
Summary: Beach Head: When Carter first came back from Area 51 -how did Sam and Vala get to know each other, was there tension, rivalry, Carter feeling "out of the loop", replaced. What were their first impressions of each other, how did they gradually start working on a friendship?

Former Associates by scarimor
Summary:The Road not Taken: In the alternate reality, Vala is being held prisoner at Area 51.

Girls' Night In by branrh
Summary: Just what did Sam and Vala talk about on their ‘Girls Night In’ at the end of Family Ties?

Hear me by gategremlyn 
Summary: The first time Sam told Vala off

Homecoming by conn8d
Summary: The girls commisserate about getting 'fired' post Search and Rescue

Impulse by Caprice
Summary: An impulsive act puts Vala on a new path

It's a planet visiting...by Tittamiire
Summary: Vala learns about Christmas.

Learning Curve by RepliCarterje
Summary: A story with the healing device - alternate Uninvited ending

Not Quite Perfect by [info]jolinarjackson 
Summary: The first time Vala is thanked by someone at the SGC

Past and Present by ann-sgcfan
Summary: Ba’al’s careless comments cause one member of the SGC to relive a life she wish she could forget, only to discover she isn’t the only one haunted by the past.

Scars on the Inside by Rachel500
Summary: When Vala receives visitors from past, with the help of her team she must confront her time as Quetesh to save those who once abandoned her.

Symbiosis by shimmeringstar1
Summary: Vala has post kidnapping issues. Despite her connection with Daniel, she's more comfortable with Sam at the moment, and they bond, Sam using Adrian Conrad as a reference and experience to talk about. *some violent themes*

Survival is Highly Overrated by Rachel500
Summary: Sam and Vala face the destruction of the world but is everything really as it seems? *hints of Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala*

The Care and Handling of the Semi-Domesticated Jaffa by denise/skydiver119
Summary: The girls discuss how to handle 'the guys'…especially the most mysterious guy in their group, Teal'c

The To-do List by Rachel500
Summary: Sam and Vala rescue the boys but it's only thing on their list of things to do!

The Voice by quadesh
Summary: Following the death of her mother, naive fifteen-year-old Vala lar Kouras is sent to live with her stepmother, who's determined to turn her into a lady - or break her.

Truth in Fiction by [info]cleothemuse 
Summary: The first time Vala realised she might actually want to stay on Earth.  Vala discovers there are better things for sale than fashionable clothes and glittering accessories at the mall...

Unending Friendship by majorsamfan
Summary: Unending: Sam and Vala share some Ben & Jerry's in Vala's quarters and discuss what they think might have happened during the 50 years they were in the time dilation.

White Wine and Chocolate by Chelle
Summary: Sam and Vala discuss their experiences with Ba'al

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