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Character Profile: Sam Carter - Women of the Gate — LiveJournal

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December 21st, 2009

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10:29 am - Character Profile: Sam Carter

First appearance S1 Children of the Gods Last appearance: S1 SGU Incursion Part I


Career: Samantha “Sam” Carter is a theoretical astrophysicist serving in the US Air Force. She has studied psychology (S1 Fire & Water) and worked with geneticist Timothy Harlow (S2 Bane). She logged air-time in the Gulf War (S1 COTG) and has pilot training, flying the F302 in (S8 Covenant) and an F15 (Continuum). She worked on the Stargate programme under Catherine Langford, enabling the dialling programme to be perfected (S1 COTG). She was excluded from the original Abydos mission but worked for General Hammond in investigating other uses of the Stargate post the Abydos mission (S2 1969).

She was a Captain in S1/S2, promoted to Major in S3 (Fair Game); promoted to Lt Colonel in S8 (New Order) and led SG1 in S8, she commanded Stargate R&D in early S9 before returning to SG1; promoted to Colonel post S10 Unending and pre the movie The Ark of Truth. As a Colonel, she succeeded Elizabeth Weir as the leader of Atlantis (S4 SGA Reunion) before being replaced by Richard Woolsey (S5 SGA Search and Rescue). She has also briefly commanded the SGC in General Landry’s absence (S5 SGA The Enemy at the Gate). She is currently in command of F304, The General Hammond (S1 SGU Air) and had to face a tough decision to leave behind two of her 302 pilots in a recent attack on a Lucian Alliance base (S1 SGU Incursion Part I).

Her mother (un-named) died when she was a teenager. Her relationship with her father Jacob Carter was problematic (S2 Secrets) but following his becoming a host to a Tok’ra symbiote (The Tok’ra), the two enjoyed a closer relationship until his death (S8 Threads). Sam also has a brother Mark who is married with two children, and an Uncle Irving. Sam also occupies the position of surrogate ‘mother’ or ‘big sister’ to Cassandra Fraiser.

Female Friendships: Sam enjoyed a friendship with Doctor Janet Fraiser until the latter’s death (S7 Heroes) – the two women were the same rank, often worked together on solutions, and both cared greatly for Cassie, who Janet adopted. Despite her initial antipathy towards her, Sam has also befriended Vala Mal Doran when the latter joined the SGC in S10, even enjoying girly shopping trips and nights in (S10 Family Ties). While on Atlantis, Sam was supported by Doctor Jennifer Keller (S4 SGA Doppelganger, Trio), and had just begun to connect with Teyla before the latter’s disappearance (S4 The Kindred).

Romantic Others: Sam was briefly engaged to Jonas Hansen (S1 The First Commandment) and noted that she is generally attracted to the lunatic fringe. She enjoyed a kiss with the Tollan Narim (S1 Enigma) but later settled into friendship (S3 Pretense, S5 Between Two Fires). She had a complicated relationship with the Tok’ra Martouf/Lantash having been the host to their mate Jolinar. While initially it seemed that the two would enjoy a romantic relationship, they also settled into a friendship until Sam killed Martouf (S4 Divide & Conquer).

She was followed home by the Ascended being Orlin (S5 Ascension) who made himself mortal to be with her before he Ascended again to save her. On returning, his mortal form of a child precluded any further relationship forming (S9 The Fourth Horseman). In one alternate timeline, Sam was married to Ambassador Joe Faxon (S4 2010) who was captured by the Aschen in the corrected timeline (S5 2001). Sam has repeatedly turned down approaches from NID Agent Malcolm Barrett (S7 Resurrection, S9 Ex Deus Machina, S10 Insiders) and has a love/hate relationship with Rodney McKay (S5 48 Hours, S6 Redemption) even being divorced from him in an alternate reality (S10 Road Not Taken). The Replicator Fifth became obsessed with Sam to the point of making a Repli-version of her who ultimately killed him.

Sam met Pete Shanahan on a blind date set up by her brother (S7 Chimera) and subsequently became engaged to him (S8 Affinity). However, she came to believe her decision was a mistake and ended the relationship (S8 Threads). It is likely that her feelings for Jack O’Neill played some part in that decision as the two military officers had mutually acknowledged caring more than they should for each other but determined to continue serving together, (S4 Divide & Conquer), just as Sam’s questioning of her feelings for O’Neill and lack of a personal life (S7 Grace) seems to have led to being open to relationship with Pete in the first place. While Sam and Jack seemed to come some understanding, and even went fishing together (S8 Threads), it remains ambiguous whether Sam is now with Jack or not romantically, but she has told Barrett that she was ‘not exactly’ single (and a deleted scene from S4 SGA Trio mentions a long distance relationship with an older man based in Washington). In another alternate timeline, Sam became involved with Jack O’Neill (S8 Moebius), and alternate realities have also shown her counterparts being engaged (S1 There But For The Grace Of God) or married to Jack (S3 Point of View).      

Other Significant Events: Sam was taken as an unwilling host by the Tok’ra symbiote Jolinar. Jolinar terrorised the SGC before an Ashrak almost killed both of them, Jolinar gave her life to save Sam’s. The event left Sam with latent memories (S3 Jolinar’s Memories), naquadah in her blood allowing her to sense Goa’uld symbiotes with naquadah (S2 Need), and a protein marker (S3 Legacy). It has allowed her to use Goa’uld technology (S3 Seth, Fair Game) but she finds it difficult to do so and it doesn’t always work (S5 Meridian).  

AU/Other Versions: Doctor Samantha Carter (There But For the Grace of God), Doctor Samantha Carter (Point of View), Colonel (retired) Samantha Carter (2010), RepliCarter (S8 Gemini, Reckoning), Doctor Samantha Carter (Moebius), Lt Colonel Samantha Carter (Ripple Effect), Major Samantha Carter (Road Not Taken), Mission Commander Samantha Carter (Continuum).

Please add art, fic recs, vid links, etc, or any additions/corrections to the profile as a comment.

WOTG Ficathon & Art Challenge Entries for Sam

A Little Standing Time by rolleson
Summary:Family Ties: A scene dealing with the juxtaposition
between Vala's dad, a live crook, and Sam's, a dead hero. Maybe envy or jealousy between them: .Vala wishing that her dad was honourable like Sam's, Sam wishing that her dad was still alive like Vala's. 

An Atlantis Type of Day by shimmeringstar1
Summary: When in Atlantis, do as the Atlanteans do.

A Shot in the Dark by Rachel500
Summary: Company of Thieves: Sam and Vala discuss Sam’s experiences while captive to the Lucien alliance on the ship.

Coming Home by caladria
Summary:Memento Mori: After Vala's back in the SGC following
her amnesia/waitressing/brush with the police, Sam takes her home to her place for the weekend. 

Comrades by [info]skydiver119 
Summary: The first time Drey'auc meets Sam.  Drey'auc's thoughts through Bloodlines

Confessions by deejay435
Summary: Line in the Sand, Did Vala try to heal Sam?

Day One by tittamiire 
Summary: The first tme Janet felt she was in way over her head as a parent.

Enemy of my Enemy by seldear
Summary: The Za'ahraini are an advanced culture in Pegasus, living free of the Wraith. But their secret could be a deadly one for Sam Carter and Teyla Emmagen.

First Impressions by ReganX
Summary: Beach Head: When Carter first came back from Area 51 -how did Sam and Vala get to know each other, was there tension, rivalry, Carter feeling "out of the loop", replaced. What were their first impressions of each other, how did they gradually start working on a friendship?

Former Associates by scarimor
Summary:The Road not Taken: In the alternate reality, Vala is being held prisoner at Area 51.

Girls' Night In by branrh
Summary: Just what did Sam and Vala talk about on their ‘Girls Night In’ at the end of Family Ties?
Goddesses by Rachel500
Summary: Sam and Elizabeth take a diversion on the way to Atlantis.

Hear me by gategremlyn 
Summary: The first time Sam told Vala off.

Homecoming by conn8d
Summary: The girls commisserate about getting 'fired' post Search and Rescue

In Over Her head by denise/skydiver119
Summary: On an ordinary mission, Janet gets in over her head, literally.

Intuition by mandy90sg1 
Summary: The first time Sam has to fake her way through a crisis at the SGC. Sometimes things are not as they appear.

Lean on Me by Mandy90sg1
Summary: A tag to Meridian. We all need someone to lean on.

Learning Curve by RepliCarterje
Summary: A story with the healing device - alternate Uninvited ending

Letter Writing by rolleson
Summary: Colonel Carter writing her first "letter to the family" at Atlantis Expedition Leader, after Kate Heightmeier's death.

Losing Patience with Your Patient by JanSam
Summary: After Sam’s leg fracture in Trio; Jennifer gets advice from an unexpected source following her frustrations with one errant patient.

Memory Lane by drewandian
Summary: Sam remembers Janet years after her death. Memories triggered by a song.

No Doubt by mandy90sg1
Summary:  Elizabeth and Sam head out on a mission together.

Past and Present by ann-sgcfan
Summary: Ba’al’s careless comments cause one member of the SGC to relive a life she wish she could forget, only to discover she isn’t the only one haunted by the past.

Possibility and Commonality by tielan
Summary:Playing chicken with a Wraith dart definitely wasn't Sam's idea of fun. Unfortunately, it wasn't as though they had a choice.

Promises by Tittamiire
Summary: The SGC is evacuated when Earth gets attacked.

Puddlejumper Two by denise/skydiver119
Summary: Trapped on an inhospitable planet, how will Sam and Teyla survive?

Scientific Method by [info]zinke 
Summary: The first time Catherine Langford met Sam Carter.  The last thing Catherine needed right now was another over-eager, starry-eyed officer whose only concern was making Major before her next birthday

Sense and Sensability by livi
Summary:An unexplained disappearance creates an alien incursion on Atlantis. Teyla and Sam Carter work together to manage the encounter with unexpected consequences.

Spinning to the X-treme by shimmeringstar1
Summary: Sam tries to keep Martin Lloyd from spinning his next Wormhole Xtreme series off into the far side of the galaxy.

Symbiosis by shimmeringstar1
Summary: Vala has post kidnapping issues. Despite her connection with Daniel, she's more comfortable with Sam at the moment, and they bond, Sam using Adrian Conrad as a reference and experience to talk about. *some violent themes*

Superheroes Every Day by tittamiire 
Summary: The first time any character teams up with another woman to save the day

Survival is Highly Overrated by Rachel500
Summary: Sam and Vala face the destruction of the world but is everything really as it seems? *hints of Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala*

The Care and Handling of the Semi-Domesticated Jaffa by denise/skydiver119
Summary: The girls discuss how to handle 'the guys'…especially the most mysterious guy in their group, Teal'c

The first time by [info]skydiver119 
Summary: The first time Sam killed someone

The One by [info]seriously_em 
Summary: The first time Sam Carter felt afraid.  “I don’t get scared. I have stood face to face with aliens, fought for my life and taken risks far too dangerous. Yet I have never been truly scared.”

The To-do List by Rachel500
Summary: Sam and Vala rescue the boys but it's only thing on their list of things to do!

Trial by Fire by [info]skydiver119 
Summary: Sam and Janet's first meeting.

Unending Friendship by majorsamfan
Summary: Unending: Sam and Vala share some Ben & Jerry's in Vala's quarters and discuss what they think might have happened during the 50 years they were in the time dilation.
Walk Beside Me by Rachel500
Betrayed by their allies and struggling with their own personal demons, Sam and Teyla must work together to fight the Wraith and return home.

When You Need A Friend by [info]seriously_em 
Summary: The first time Janet thought "I can't do this"; “Everyone looks to me for that brilliant plan that will save Cassie. What if this plan is not enough? I don’t exactly know what to do. I’m not like you guys who can do anything and save anyone. I’m not a super woman like you.”

White Wine and Chocolate by Chelle
Summary: Sam and Vala discuss their experiences with Ba'al

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