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June 21st, 2009

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03:23 pm - WOTG Master Fic & Art List

Master Fic & Art List

This is an index to all the stories from the ficathons to date and any art posted either in the Art Challenges or Holiday Open House. 

Fics are listed by the character/duo highlighted in alphabetical order. 

Alternatively, choose a character profile and the links to fic/art posted during a ficathon/art challenge will also be posted there. 

Assume gen unless ship/slash specified in summary.  Please read the individual story spoiler and other warnings! 

Don't forget to leave feedback for the authors/artists!

Authors/Artists: If you would rather not have your fic/art listed, please PM or comment.  Or alternatively, if I have somehow managed to miss yours and you want it included please let me know by commenting below.  For those who don't have an LJ, let me know if there is an alternative link (to a homesite or fandom profile) you'd like for your name.

Doctor Brightman

Cold Fish by shena8 
Summary: Dr Brightman's time in the SGC

Grace by shena8 
Summary: Companion artwork to Cold Fish


One Small Step by [info]rachel500 
Summary: The first time Cassie steps through the Stargate after her mother's death.  When SG1 goes missing, Cassie sets off on a quest to find them but will even the help of old friends enable her to discover the truth.

Promises by Tittamiire
Summary: The SGC is evacuated when Earth gets attacked.

The Stranger Within by [info]traycer_ 
Summary: The first time Cassie realised how different she was despite several years on Earth.  Cassie worries about her future on Earth. Missing scene from Rite of Passage

Catherine Langford

Scientific Method by [info]zinke 
Summary: The first time Catherine Langford met Sam Carter.  The last thing Catherine needed right now was another over-eager, starry-eyed officer whose only concern was making Major before her next birthday.


One Little Word by Shenandoah Risu
Summary: First time on Destiny Chloe felt needed.  She had always been a ticket to bigger and better things for other people...


Betrayed by [info]da_angel729 
Summary: The first time Drey'auc has to deal with being the wife of a sholva.  "He has left through the Chappa'ai with the escaped prisoners," Bra'tac says.

Drey'auc & Sam

Comrades by [info]skydiver119 
Summary: The first time Drey'auc meets Sam.  Drey'auc's thoughts through Bloodlines


One Good Reason by [info]ugahill 
Summary: The first time Elizabeth didn't want to smack Rodney upside the head.  Doctor Rodney McKay has a penchant for getting on Elizabeth Weir’s last nerve—until a surprising request proves there is more beneath the surface than an egotistical genius.  Maybe

Elizabeth & Sam

Goddesses by Rachel500
Summary: Sam and Elizabeth take a diversion on the way to Atlantis.

No Doubt by mandy90sg1
Summary:  Elizabeth and Sam head out on a mission together

Elizabeth & Teyla

In Defence of Self by rachel500 
Summary: Elizabeth and Teyla discuss self-defence in the aftermath of the Storm

Emily Young

Children by shena8 
Summary: Companion art work to Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs by shena8 
Summary: Emily tries to find her own path (Emily/Young, Emily/Telford, Young/TJ)

Gairwyn & Sha're

Gift from the Gods by rachel500 
Summary: Sha're convinces Ammonet to head to Cimmeria but can her new friend help her find her loved ones?


A Day in the Life by shimmeringstar1
Summary: It’s never a dull moment when you’re the CMO at the SGC.

Janet & Sam

Day One by tittamiire 
Summary: The first tme Janet felt she was in way over her head as a parent.

New World by penknife 
Summary: Janet and Sam talk with Cassie about codewords

Men are Pigs by skydiver119 
Summary: After Hathor, Sam and Janet take some time for themselves

The One by [info]seriously_em 
Summary: The first time Sam Carter felt afraid.  “I don’t get scared. I have stood face to face with aliens, fought for my life and taken risks far too dangerous. Yet I have never been truly scared.”

Trial by Fire by [info]skydiver119 
Summary: Sam and Janet's first meeting. 

When You Need A Friend by [info]seriously_em 
Summary: The first time Janet thought "I can't do this"; “Everyone looks to me for that brilliant plan that will save Cassie. What if this plan is not enough? I don’t exactly know what to do. I’m not like you guys who can do anything and save anyone. I’m not a super woman like you.”


Crossroads by rachel500 
Summary: Jennifer contemplates her personal and professional life in the wake of Atlantis saving Earth from the Wraith

Picspam by krissie678

Jennifer & Sam

Losing Patience with Your Patient by JanSam
Summary: After Sam’s leg fracture in Trio; Jennifer gets advice from an unexpected source following her frustrations with one errant patient.

Jennifer & Teyla

Fear of the Dark (Comic Fic) by Rheanna27astrivd
Rescue Not Forthcoming by ticklie
Summary: Teyla and Jennifer keep faith in an eventual rescue while being held prisoner offworld.

The Petulant Patient by Tittamiire
Summary: Jennifer experiences life as a patient.


Angelmaker by shena8 
Summary: Kiva becomes a leader in the Lucien Alliance

Blood by shena8 
Summary: Companion art piece to Angelmaker

Laura & Teyla

Old-fashioned Methods by bluflamingo
Summary:Some things in Pegasus are very predictable; that’s probably why Laura’s not surprised when they all get thrown in jail (set post-Common Ground).


Letter Writing by rolleson
Summary: Colonel Carter writing her first "letter to the family" at Atlantis Expedition Leader, after Kate Heightmeier's death.

The Box by da_angel729 
Summary: Sam contemplates the contents of a box following her father's death

The Stranger Within by traycer_ 
Summary: The Stargate programme goes public and Sara has questions (Sara/Jack)

Sam & Sha're
Pawn's Promotion by sg_fignewton 
Summary: The NID think Sam and Sha're would make great experimental subjects

Sam & Teyla

Enemy of my Enemy by seldear
Summary: The Za'ahraini are an advanced culture in Pegasus, living free of the Wraith. But their secret could be a deadly one for Sam Carter and Teyla Emmagen.

Possibility and Commonality by tielan
Summary:Playing chicken with a Wraith dart definitely wasn't Sam's idea of fun. Unfortunately, it wasn't as though they had a choice.

Puddlejumper Two by denise/skydiver119
Summary: Trapped on an inhospitable planet, how will Sam and Teyla survive?

Sense and Sensability by livi
Summary:An unexplained disappearance creates an alien incursion on Atlantis. Teyla and Sam Carter work together to manage the encounter with unexpected consequences

Walk Beside Me by Rachel500
Betrayed by their allies and struggling with their own personal demons, Sam and Teyla must work together to fight the Wraith and return home..

Sam & Vala

A Little Standing Time by rolleson
Summary:Family Ties: A scene dealing with the juxtaposition
between Vala's dad, a live crook, and Sam's, a dead hero. Maybe envy or jealousy between them: .Vala wishing that her dad was honourable like Sam's, Sam wishing that her dad was still alive like Vala's. 

An Atlantis Type of Day by shimmeringstar1
Summary: When in Atlantis, do as the Atlanteans do.

A Shot in the Dark by Rachel500
Summary: Company of Thieves: Sam and Vala discuss Sam’s experiences while captive to the Lucien alliance on the ship.

Coming Home by caladria
Summary:Memento Mori: After Vala's back in the SGC following
her amnesia/waitressing/brush with the police, Sam takes her home to her place for the weekend. 

Confessions by deejay435
Summary: Line in the Sand, Did Vala try to heal Sam?

First Impressions by ReganX
Summary: Beach Head: When Carter first came back from Area 51 -how did Sam and Vala get to know each other, was there tension, rivalry, Carter feeling "out of the loop", replaced. What were their first impressions of each other, how did they gradually start working on a friendship?

Former Associates by scarimor
Summary:The Road not Taken: In the alternate reality, Vala is being held prisoner at Area 51.

Girls' Night In by branrh
Summary: Just what did Sam and Vala talk about on their ‘Girls Night In’ at the end of Family Ties?

Hear me by gategremlyn 
Summary: The first time Sam told Vala off

Homecoming by conn8d
Summary: The girls commisserate about getting 'fired' post Search and Rescue

Learning Curve by RepliCarterje
Summary: A story with the healing device - alternate Uninvited ending

Past and Present by ann-sgcfan
Summary: Ba’al’s careless comments cause one member of the SGC to relive a life she wish she could forget, only to discover she isn’t the only one haunted by the past.

Symbiosis by shimmeringstar1
Summary: Vala has post kidnapping issues. Despite her connection with Daniel, she's more comfortable with Sam at the moment, and they bond, Sam using Adrian Conrad as a reference and experience to talk about. *some violent themes*

Survival is Highly Overrated by Rachel500
Summary: Sam and Vala face the destruction of the world but is everything really as it seems? *hints of Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala*

The Care and Handling of the Semi-Domesticated Jaffa by denise/skydiver119
Summary: The girls discuss how to handle 'the guys'…especially the most mysterious guy in their group, Teal'c

The To-do List by Rachel500
Summary: Sam and Vala rescue the boys but it's only thing on their list of things to do!

Unending Friendship by majorsamfan
Summary: Unending: Sam and Vala share some Ben & Jerry's in Vala's quarters and discuss what they think might have happened during the 50 years they were in the time dilation.

White Wine and Chocolate by Chelle
Summary: Sam and Vala discuss their experiences with Ba'al


Read Between The Lines by sg_fignewton 
Summary: The first time, pre-movie, that Sha'uri found the catacombs with the forbidden hieroglyphs.  When Sha'uri discovers forbidden drawings beneath the tunnels of Nagada, she must decide whether or not they carry any meaning.


For Just One Day by nynaeve_sedai 
Summary:  Sharon tries to cope with Camile's absence (Sharon/Camile)


City of Dreams by Katy
Summary: Teyla's first impressions of Atlantis

Safety by frith_in_thorns
Summary:Teyla wonders if she's doing the right thing. After all, the galaxy is a dangerous place, and one day she might not come home.

Teyla - 2011 Calendar by spiritcoda  - Teyla
Teyla - 2011 Calendar by jeyla4ever  - Teyla

TJ & Vanessa James

Healer by [info]jolinarjackson 
Summary: The first time TJ saw Lt James cry. (Mention of TJ/Young).


Do Not Underestimate His Subtlety by merrykk
Summary:Continuum Tag. Vala's thoughts/feelings about her own extraction ceremony with Teal'c. *hints of Daniel/Vala*

Earth Delicacies by [info]skydiver119 
Summary: The first time Vala loved..

Impulse by Caprice
Summary: An impulsive act puts Vala on a new path.

It's a planet visiting...by Tittamiire
Summary: Vala learns about Christmas

Not Quite Perfect by [info]jolinarjackson 
Summary: The first time Vala is thanked by someone at the SGC.

Scars on the Inside by Rachel500
Summary: When Vala receives visitors from past, with the help of her team she must confront her time as Quetesh to save those who once abandoned her.

The Voice by quadesh
Summary: Following the death of her mother, naive fifteen-year-old Vala lar Kouras is sent to live with her stepmother, who's determined to turn her into a lady - or break her

Truth in Fiction by [info]cleothemuse 
Summary: The first time Vala realised she might actually want to stay on Earth.  Vala discovers there are better things for sale than fashionable clothes and glittering accessories at the mall... 


An Atlantis Type of Day by shimmeringstar1
Summary: When in Atlantis, do as the Atlanteans do.

Christmas Wall by denise/skydiver119.

WOTG Art Challenge Entry by jasminago

WOTG Art Challenge Enrty 1 by JanSam

WOTG Art Challenge Entry 2 by JanSam.

We can do it! (Ultimate All Female SG Team) by nynaeve_sedai 
Summary: Jennifer Keller, Sam Carter, Vala, Lt Vanessa James

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Date:June 21st, 2009 03:06 pm (UTC)
Mine's gone walkabout (Former Associates)
[User Picture]
Date:June 21st, 2009 03:58 pm (UTC)
It's under SG1:Sam & Vala. I have been updating all afternoon as I kept losing the post and having to start over so it may well not have been there earlier but it is there now, I promise!
[User Picture]
Date:June 22nd, 2009 09:03 am (UTC)
Ah there it is.

Thank you for making this list :)
[User Picture]
Date:June 21st, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
Dayna!!! I still think B7 is the best sci fi show ever. ;)
[User Picture]
Date:June 22nd, 2009 09:04 am (UTC)
Oh yeah. It was why I could look forward to Mondays for several childhood/teen years.
[User Picture]
Date:June 21st, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)
If you could add the "1" after my LJ screenname I'd appreciate it. (Unfortunately someone else who never uses their journal had snagged my GW name.) :)
[User Picture]
Date:June 21st, 2009 07:10 pm (UTC)
All sorted! I've added the 1 and updated the link. :)
Date:June 25th, 2009 11:12 am (UTC)
Teyla contemplates motherhood (can be set pre or post pregnancy).

Teyla is taken for a day out on Earth post SGA finale by ____ (other character can be writer choice)

Keller tells Teyla she's pregnant.

Teyla meets an AU version who never joined the Atlantis team.
[User Picture]
Date:June 25th, 2009 12:03 pm (UTC)
I think you may have meant these for the prompts? I'll move to the prompt thread so we don't lose track of them. It's nice to get some Teyla ones!
[User Picture]
Date:August 1st, 2009 09:49 am (UTC)
Were the no Sam/Janet fics?

[User Picture]
Date:August 1st, 2009 11:31 am (UTC)
Hi! Unfortunately, the past ficathons haven't produced any! But that should change this time - I think we've got some good Sam/Janet prompts picked by our authors so hopefully will have Sam/Janet fics added in Sept this year.
[User Picture]
Date:April 3rd, 2011 05:55 am (UTC)
My Sam-and-Sha're fic from January's challenge doesn't seem to be listed here...? Pawns' Promotion.
[User Picture]
Date:April 3rd, 2011 10:05 am (UTC)
Hmmm. That's because there seems to have been a huge glitch and the Sam&other characters section has just gone. Obviously there's a gremlin because I would never have deleted it by accident :) I'll have to reconstruct it.

EDIT: all fixed - this is why I back up to the character profiles normally.

Edited at 2011-04-03 10:20 am (UTC)
[User Picture]
Date:April 3rd, 2011 09:01 pm (UTC)
YIKES!! The Dr. Brightman story "Cold Fish" apparently picked a new author and summary for itself!!

Get back here, you little troublemaker!!!
[chases after story]
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Date:April 3rd, 2011 10:28 pm (UTC)
More gremlins which have now swallowed Camile through to Cassie...I'll sort it out tomorrow as its now very late here. :)
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Date:April 3rd, 2011 10:39 pm (UTC)
LOL! No problem.
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Date:April 4th, 2011 08:10 am (UTC)
Updated! Hopefully none of them will go missing again.

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